DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw Review

Any professional craftsman will tell you that their best cutting tool is the jigsaw; this saw can deliver more accurate results than other cutting saws and that’s why a lot of people love the tool than any other cutting saw. The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw comes with exceptional quality and is very popular among woodworkers. In this review article we shall see how the tool performs and its great features, and also whether you should invest your money in the tool or not.

A jigsaw is an amazing tool that is capable of making straight line and curved cuts. Some jigsaws are able to make bevel cuts; they can make angle cuts without curving the body. The jigsaw can cut though most materials such as metals, ceramic, wood and other materials that are used daily by contractors. A lot of people believe that the jigsaw can replace band saws, circular saws, scroll saws or even routers.

DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is an affordable tool that has mid price range. So if you’re struggling to buy a good cutting tool for your business that doesn’t cost much, then this Dewalt model is a perfect fit for you. The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is one of the best tools available for anyone that cannot spend a lot of money on power tools, and the device is not only cheap but also comes with powerful features than most other cutting saws.

The Dewalt jigsaw comes with 4 position pendulum action that ensures that you get fine and smooth cuts and good speed control that maintain the speed of the blades irrespective of the load to allow you finish your work with ease. The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw has with it vibration absorbing mechanism and a rubber grip to give the user more comfort when using the device. The blades are keyless, this allow you to change the blades very fast with ease. You can replace the blades with T-shank blades.

It has a soft start feature to help you align the blades with the material you want to cut so that you can get more accuracy on your work piece. A dust blower also is attached to the device to ensure that there are no dust particles on you cutting lines.

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is a professional quality jigsaw that has been engineered to deal with even the most difficult cutting tasks in any jobsite; it’s a high durable device with excellent speed. One of the powerful features of this tool is its 6.5-amp motor that gives the tool a speed of up to 3100-spm, together with the three position orbital action it comes with make the tool powerful and fast.

Most Dewalt products come with yellow plastic, black rubber and silver magnesium; these are also present in the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw. Most of the product parts from this model are made from metal and that’s why the device is very durable. The nose of this jigsaw is made from magnesium cast, other parts of the machine that are build from plastic materials are also very strong enough to withstand damages during work, everything is set and tight to allow you start making your cuts.

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw can be controlled easily with the variable speed trigger. You can choose any of your desired speed without much effort. This tool is definitely for everyone looking for simplicity and ease of use. With the right power tool at your hand you can accomplish a lot of tasks with ease thereby saving more time to do other important things in the workshop.

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw has the best cutting capabilities when tested and compared with 3 other tools within the same category. It comes with tool-less bevel adjustment, you can shift the base forward at an angle of 90-degrees. You can cut any material that is perpendicular to the surface. You’ll experience less vibration when working with the tool.

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is a very popular and high-rated jigsaw that has got a lot of people’s attention because of its performance. In this DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw review we’ll take a look its features and how every woodworker or crafts can use the tool to his advantage.

Features of the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw

Speed And Power

One of the most powerful features of this tool is speed and power. It comes with a powerful 6.5-amp motor. This motor is stronger than most power tools that come with 3 to 5-amp motor. That’s why the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is very fast and durable. The powerful motor drives the tool at about 3100-SPM, or if you like you can reduce the speed to 500 strokes per minute.

Easy To Use

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw might weight more than other saws, but that’s not a downside because if you care about quality it’s not a bulky tool. You can still operate the device without putting much effort on it. Vibration is less when working with the device because of its counterbalance and the rubber grip it has. It has dust blower that keep your work clean so that you can clearly see your cut lines. Changing the blade is easy because the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw comes with keyless blade clamp. If you need stronger blades to deal with tough materials then this feature will be very useful.


The front end of this device is completely made from metal. This tool is designed for the pros because it has rock solid feel. The shoe is made from non marring plastic to protect fragile materials. It also has anti chipping insert that helps in making precision cuts.

Dust Collection

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw comes with a circle hole that is inside the shoe which can be positioned with vacuum adapter so that it can clean up excess dust. There is also a dust blower at the front end to blow dust away from the cut line. This gives you more visibility and helps you maintain accurate cuts.

Bevel Adjustment

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw has a bevel adjustment that ranges from 0-45 degrees, when you set the bevel you can lock the position. The bevel range set up is a metal bar attached to the rear head of the saw.

Length Of The Cord

When it comes to this part Dewalt haven’t offered much with the chord. The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw comes with a short chord that is 7 feet long only. This makes it difficult for you to move around within the working space more especially when making circular cuts. If this is a problem to you, you should consider buying extension cord that’s enough to satisfy your needs.

Blade Guide And Chuck

The metal lever that is on the front face ejects the blade which is mounted on the chuck with a very quick pull. The chuck directs the blades towards the thrust. The blade doesn’t become loose when operating the device, it moves lateral and sometimes the blade can move to different angles in both directions.

Zero Clearance Insert Feature

This is definitely one the worst features of this tool. The zero clearance insert feature isn’t engineered well. This feature is supposed to prevent tear out from the blade due to upward stroke. This is a feature which every saw should have. On the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw the insert isn’t well attached to the base plate. It gives less down force when you’re cutting the material. It is really important for the features to work properly. If you’re buying the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw you should know that the zero clearance insert is not effective on the tool, this means that the jigsaw can’t manage tear at the top of your working blades.

Ergonomic Design

The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw has a simple design that is easy to operate. The blades can be replaced with T-shank blades; it’s easier to change the blades. It also has a large rubber handle to make handling the device very comfortable. You can use the device for longer hours without getting tired.


The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw doesn’t have much downsides, the device is somewhat heavy and doesn’t come with LED light that allow users to make accurate and precise cuts. But the device also has additional features that can’t be found in other devices.

Who Should Buy The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw

If you’re looking for a fast tool and not mainly concerned about getting précised cut, then the DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is a good option. With the right blades you can cut almost any material you’re dealing with very fast without any waste of time.

When you compare the features of this device with other manufacturers, you know that at its price it’s definitely one of the best jigsaws to look for in the market. The DEWALT DW331K Jig-Saw is good versatile tool with excellent performance when it comes to dealing with tough task in the workshop. The tool is a perfect match for average users and professionals; the tool is durable and can last for years.


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