5 Best Band Saws – Band Saw Buying Guide

5 Best Band Saws

At the end of this article, we’ll go through some basic features one should consider before buying any band saw.

Now we’ll review some of the best band saws available in the market.

We shall reveal the basic features of these devices and why any handyman should consider choosing these tools.

In this band saw review, we’ll look at the 5 best band saws that will work effectively for anyone that’s looking for high performance and accuracy.

WEN 3962 Band Saw Review

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If you’re dealing with complex cutting projects, then WEN 3962 model is a perfect choice.

As a professional woodworker, you don’t want to miss this amazing tool, it is one of the top band saws that are available in the market. It comes with a throat that has a cutting capacity of up to 9-3/4 inches. This allows the device to cut different materials with ease.

It is driven by 3.5-amp motor which is powerful enough to cut through any hard material that comes into its way.

It has 2 speed controls. This means you can cut both hard and soft materials that require different speeds.

It also comes with a strong and durable table which is 25-inches. This dimension helps the user to make bevel cuts of up 0-45 degrees.

The weight of the WEN 3962 is 70-lbs. It’s not considered as a heavy device, and you can enjoy a solid performance with this high-quality tool.

You’ll enjoy better accuracy.

The device is ideal for both newbie and professional workers that are looking for simplicity and high performance.

The WEN 3962 is portable, meaning it’s easier to transport from one place to another.

It has variable speeds at 2 different levels which make the device more versatile.

The lower speed can be used to cut delicate materials with ease and still get a smooth finish, while the higher speed is used for cutting dense and thick materials, the variable speeds are at 1520 and 2620.

Together with the WEN 3962 you’ll get a lot of accessories that increase the performance of the device.

It comes with flexible work light that gives the user more visibility. It also has a dust collection port that will collect all the debris generated by the device. You also get a strong aluminum fence and a miter gauge for optimum performance.


The WEN 3962 is a good option for anyone that’s dealing with small and medium cutting projects in the workshop.

It’s a 10” saw and within its category, you’ll hardly find a band saw that can beat this model. The WEN 3962 offers good value for the money you have spent on it.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw Review

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The next best bandsaw is the JET JWBS-14DXPRO.

This is also a well versatile saw that can add to the good collection of your toolbox.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO isn’t only capable of cutting wooden materials, but can also cut other materials like plastic and metal sheets.

It comes with a strong and sturdy iron frame. It has width cutting capacity of 13.5” and 12” cutting height.

You can re-saw of up to 12”.

Another important feature of this device is that has a retractable blade guard.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO comes with a 1.25HP motor that capable of dealing with cutting through hard materials in the workshop.

When you compare the device with other 14” band saws, the motor is placed at the bottom. While in this JET JWBS-14DXPRO the motor is in lower saw housing. This makes the device to have more storage space for a lot of the accessories that come with the device.

Replacing the blades and handling the tensioning system is also easier because you’ll only be dealing with the tension release handle.

When changing the blades you only need to push the handle so that it releases the tension. When you’re done with replacing your blades, you then pull the handle down until it’s locked in place.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO also features high-quality wheels that are made with strong iron. Even if you’re working on thick materials, you’ll experience less vibration while working with the device.

The wheels are durable because they’re made with polyurethane. They can work for long hours without a breakdown.


The JET JWBS-14DXPRO is among the top band saws in the market today and it weights 258-lbs.

It’s a heavy device, but that’s because it offers more stability and performance than other band saws out there.

It has enough power to deal with any cutting project you have in the workshop.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO model has a good re-sawing capacity when compared to other devices

GRIZZLY G0561 Band Saw Review

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The GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is equipped with a 1 HP motor.

It’s a horizontal band saw that’s designed to cut various metal sheets with ease. It comes with a compact design and it provides more comfort.

It has amazing features that will captivate anyone’s attention.

It comes with an automatic switch off feature and hydraulic feed control.

The GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is a device you can rely on for your cutting needs. Not only metal sheets, but it’s also capable of cutting other materials that are up to 7” thick.


Automatic Switch Off

The GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is one of the safest devices to work with.

It’s the best tool for newbie and professionals when it comes to safety. This band saw is built with an automatic switch-off feature that stops the device immediately when you finish cutting your working pieces. That’s to say the blades are very sensitive to detect when the device isn’t acting on any material. This feature helps to prevent unwanted accidents that could rise. Immediately when the top arm finishes cutting the material you’re working on, the band saw automatically switches off.

Another amazing feature of the GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is the coolant system. This feature increases the lifespan of your blades and it also enhances its performance. The coolant tank can hold up to 2.5 gallons of fluid at a time. Depending on your choice you can control the fluid that moves out of the tank. Besides increasing the lifespan of your blades, it also helps the user to obtain precise cuts consistently. The only problem is that you have to buy the coolant fluid separately, it doesn’t come with your package.

The GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is a heavy duty saw that that is built from an iron cast. The saw bed, wheels and the frame are all crafted from an iron cast.

It is a heavy duty saw that offers more stability, it weighs around 300lbs, and the GRIZZLY G0561 band saw will not wobble around no matter how long you’re using the band saw.

If you’re looking for a durable saw that will last for years, the GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is a perfect choice.


The GRIZZLY G0561 band saw is so far one of the best horizontal saws to buy when it comes metal sheet cutting. You’ll hardly find a better product that will beat this product within its category.

This saw can handle any small or medium size cutting tasks in the workshop and can be used by both newbie and professionals.

GRIZZLY G0555LX Band Saw Review

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The GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw is also among the top band saws that are currently available in the market.

One of the best things about this product is its affordability. Within its own category, it’s the best deals you’ll ever get.

The GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw comes with 2 adjustable speed controls at 1800 and 3100 FPM. The blade cutting capacity ranges from 1/8” to ¾”, blade length is about 93.5”. The GRIZZLY G0555LX is a 14” saw with a cutting capacity of 13.5” and can make a re-saw of up to 6”.

The previous model we talked about comes with durable wheels, but this GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw is even better because its wheels are designed with a superior iron wheel. Wheels are fitted with rubber to ensure smooth operation. They’re balanced to provide more stability and comfort. The wheels also absorb more vibrations during operation to give you more comfort when operating the device.

The table it comes with is a heavy one that’s made from an iron cast. This offers long-term durability and it also gives a good fusion of smoothness. The table is 43” long, this makes it viable, and the table can be tilted to 45-degrees on the right and 10-degrees to the left side.

A miter gauge is included in the purchase package together with an aluminum fence.

There is also a separate handle which is at the front side to help the user adjust the position of the fence. If you don’t need the fence you can remove it with ease.

The GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw comes with an effective dust collection mechanism that helps absorb and reduce flying dust. A lot of tools out there have a dust port but most of the time it doesn’t collect much dust. The dust collection system of this machine is a superior one.

Most band saws come with 2” dust port, but this tool comes with 4” dust port. Despite being a cheap device, it comes with a larger dust collection bag than other devices.


The GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw is a professional grade band saw that doesn’t cost much out of your pocket.

It weighs about 247lbs. When compared to other heavy-duty saws it’s not that bulky. It is a variable speed band saw that has 2-speed controls, that’s why it’s considered a versatile machine since it can cut different materials with ease.

If you want an affordable product with good features, you should definitely try out this GRIZZLY G0555LX band saw.

DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw Review

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You can hardly find a professional woodworker without DeWalt products in his toolbox.

They’re one of the best manufacturers of power tools. DeWalt is one of the most popular brands in the world of power tools. They have been supplying the power tools industry with high-quality products that meet the needs of professional woodworkers and DIYers.

The DEWALT DCS371B model isn’t left behind when it comes to quality and performance. This DeWalt model can be used by professionals, DIYers and contractors like plumbers, electricians or any other woodworker that’s looking for a good cutting saw to add in the toolbox.

DEWALT DCS371B is a cordless device that comes with a powerful battery that can last for long hours. When it’s fully charged you don’t need to worry about plugging the device on a power source.

The DEWALT DCS371B band saw comes with a powerful 20V lithium-ion batteries. This battery is better than most batteries in other cordless band saws because it has better output. The lifespan of the battery is long. It can work for long hours before it is exhausted. This means that you don’t have to worry about working with the device for longer hours because it has a decent charge capacity.

There is one thing to note, the DEWALT DCS371B band saw doesn’t come with the battery during purchase. You have to buy it as an extra accessory. Even the charger isn’t included in the package, you have to buy separately.

This is definitely a downside to the tool. If you’re on a budget you won’t benefit from these features.

The DEWALT DCS371B band saw is easier to handle because of its good ergonomic handle. The handle is equipped with a soft grip that allows the user to work comfortably with the device. You won’t experience fatigue or tiredness when working with the device.

The DEWALT DCS371B band saw is a portable device that weighs only 10lbs. It’s easy to move it from one place to another, and it’s a simple device that’s easy to operate even for a newbie.

The DEWALT DCS371B model comes with a LED light that helps illuminate your working area. You can work with the tool indoor even if it is dark.

The blades of this DEWALT DCS371B band saw last for a very long time. Any band saw user knows that blades are expensive and most woodworkers and craftsmen find it difficult to change the blades on a consistent basis. But the tracking mechanism of these blades is superior. This feature helps to extend the lifespan of the blades and make them last for years.


If you’re looking for a band saw with high value and affordability, you should try out the DEWALT DCS371B band saw.

You’ll really enjoy working with the device especially if you bought the 20V lithium-ion battery. Using this cordless device will save you more time and will provide a smooth finish to your workpieces.

Best Rated Band Saw

Rikon 10-324 band saw review

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The Rikon 10-324 band saw is a major player in the woodwork industry. It’s been used by professionals all over the world. It’s absolutely among the best-rated band saws and is a beautiful band saw to work with.

The Rikon 10-324 band saw is 14” band saw and has 2 variable speeds at 1445 and 2950 fpm and is equipped with fast release blade tension. The blade guard it comes with allows the user to see through the cutting material clearly so that he obtains accurate results.

It comes with a 16×21-inch table that allows the user to work on wider projects. A dust port is available to minimize flying dust for more visibility and accuracy.

The Rikon 10-324 band saw has a storage cabinet to allow you to store your important accessories closer to you.

A rip fence is available for making bevel and miter cuts with ease.

This Rikon 10-324 band saw is really a good model because it has earned a lot of positive feedbacks from Amazon. Rikon power tools are becoming popular because of their exceptional quality and it’s time to test out this product and you’ll be amazed by the performance of this device.

Features of Rikon 10-324 Band Saw:

  • It has a cutting capacity of 13”.
  • It has 2 variable speeds at 1445 and 2950 FPM.
  • It comes with a wide table that deals with large materials.
  • It comes with a 4” dust port.
  • It’s equipped with strong iron wheels that are well balanced to help the user get the best precision.
  • It has a fast blade release tension.
  • Storage cabinet for storing different accessories.
  • The blade guard is transparent for more visibility on the cutting material.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • It has a good ergonomic design.
  • Blade changing system is really easy to use.
  • The working table is very smooth and is easier to work with.
  • The bearing guides have exceptional qualities.


  • The Rikon 10-324 band saw consume a lot of time during set up.
  • The mechanism requires some alignment before you start using the tool.

Best Budget Bandsaw

Shop Fox W1706 Band Saw

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When it comes to a budget, the Shop Fox W1706 band saw is one of the best choices.

It’s a band saw that comes with advanced features and offers a lot of value to the user and at the same time doesn’t cost that much.

The Shop Fox W1706 band saw isn’t the cheapest band saw in the market, but at least it has good money to value ratio.

It’s a powerful and sturdy saw. It’s a perfect tool for DIYers that want to take the working experience to the next level and aren’t ready to spend huge money out of their pocket.

Shop Fox W1706 is a durable device. The blade wheels are made from iron-cast and this makes the tool to stand out from other products within its category. It’s easy to operate and it gives the user smooth results.

This is the best band saw a user can work with without spending thousands of dollars on a band saw.

The working table it comes with is sufficient to be used for larger projects. It comes with a 14”x14” worktop that’s made from cast iron, and it’s really smooth and durable.

The Shop Fox W1706 band saw also comes with a miter gauge and a fence. This allows you to make bevel and miter cuts with ease.

With the Shop Fox W1706 band saw you get a lot of value for the dollar spent on the device. It’s equipped with fast release knob to release the blade tension and also has ball bearing guides.

The Shop Fox band saw comes with 1- HP motor and it drives the machine at 3200 feet per minute. This is powerful enough to deal with most of the cutting projects in the workshop. With this speed, it can cut any hardwood and thick stock.

With the right blades, you can do a lot of cutting jobs with this Shop Fox band saw.

Lastly, the Shop Fox W1706 band saw comes with a 2-year warranty. You can test the device for 2 years and if there something wrong with the device or there are faulty parts, you will be qualified for replacements.

Band Saw Comparison

Before you start hunting for any band saw there is a need to know how you want to use the saw and the type of job you want to do with it. Knowing exactly how to use them and the cutting capabilities will help anyone to decide on the right band saw and the one that’s more applicable to your project.

When it comes to power tools in general, there is no best tool for everyone. The best tool for you depends on your project requirements. Even a smaller tool can be the best tool for you as long as it can take care of your projects.

After you’ve found the right band saw, there is a need to make a comparison with different brands. Visit workshop owners that offer renting so that you can test the device first. You can even consider buying refurbished band saws. This way you can see if the product is good and ensure that you’re comfortable working with it before buying a new one. If you don’t want to buy a refurbished model, consider renting it for a few days which shouldn’t cost more than $50. If you’re ok with the device you can then move ahead and invest in a new band saw.

Compare the various features of each band saw against another saw so that you get the most value for your money.


If you’ve been wondering around trying to find the best band saw for your projects you’re in the right place.

Woodworkers face a lot of challenges when it comes to choosing the right band saw for their projects, that’s why in this article we’ll discuss band saws in general, how to choose the best band saws, the features to look and then move on to review the best band saws available in terms of performance and budget. We’ll provide you with all the proper guidance you need when choosing a band saw.

If you’re dealing with different materials other than wood, you’ll definitely need a band saw because it provides more accurate cuts than most cutting devices out there.

There are different types of band saws in the market to choose from and each has unique features that are suitable for a particular project.

Band saw is a powerful tool because it can cut non-wooden materials such as copper, steel, plastic, metals, galvanized pipes and a lot of other materials you can think of.

Band saws are ideal for contractors that deal with different materials when it comes to installations.

Band saws are the most versatile devices any woodworker or contractor can work with due to their different uses.

Band saws have a higher cutting depth and can make both straight line and curved cuts.

They consume less space than other cutting devices and they come with different set of blades that allow users to switch between projects.

Saw blades aren’t hard to replace and can be found easily in most tech stores.

Rip and cross-cutting are a lot easier with band saws. You can make different cuts including curves, bevels, tenon, veneers, circles, and cheeks.

Band saw is one of the most versatile devices you can work within the workshop or at the construction site.

Uses Of Band Saws

Like it’s been said earlier band saws aren’t designed for wood cutting only. It can cut other materials like plastics and metal sheets.

Band saws can be used in different professions. Some of the uses of band saws include:

  • They’re perfect for cutting any type of hardwood, this includes crosscutting, rip cuts and much more.
  • They can be used in restaurants for slicing meat.
  • They’re ideal for cutting thin strips and curves on different materials.
  • Band saws can make cuts on tenons and rabbets.
  • A band saw can make cuttings faster than other power tools devices.

Types Of Band Saws

Just like every other cutting tool, band saws are of different types and the type you choose depends on your project needs.

Basically, there are 2 types of band saws – benchtop and cabinet band saws. Let’s look at each of them and their benefits.

Bench Top Band Saw

These are the smaller units and don’t consume much of your space.

The benchtop band saws can be used in tight spaces and are mounted on a bench or a stand which can hold the device. You’ll find a lot of models within this category.

Who Should Buy This Type Of Saw?

These types of saws are ideal for woodworkers or DIYers that mainly stay at home and require precise cuts. It can be used to cut different materials but the cutting depth might not impress professional workers.


  • Ease of mobility; because of their smaller size, they’re easier to move to different locations and can fit in small space.
  • They’re versatile; they’re versatile enough to be used in different projects and can make slant cuts.
  • Firm grip. Since they have a small size, you can hold the grip firmly for more comfort, they come with a knob so as to offer a more firm grip to the user.


  • These saws are not durable because they don’t come with a protected casing.

The Cabinet Band Saws

These are the advanced band saws and are used by professional workers from different industries. These types of band saws can stand without bench support because they come with a cabinet that serves as the workbench.

Cabinet band saws consume more space than the bench top band saws, they’re also more versatile and can handle difficult tasks for any cutting project you might have.

Who Should Buy Cabinet Saws

This is the perfect tool for professional woodworkers; you must have enough space in your workshop before going for this type of band saw. It comes with sturdy casing and has a lot of advanced features that are not available in bench top band saws.


  • This type of band saw is safer to use because it has a key button that prevents the device from unwanted start up.
  • They can handle bigger projects; they can deal with fifty pounds of stock.
  • It can be used to Re-saw great strides and this can save a lot of time to contractors.


  • Since it is a powerful device it must come with a powerful motor and this motor sometimes gets overheated, this affects the efficiency of the device.


Now that you have seen the types of band saws, it’s now your decision to choose the type you want to work with, keeping in mind that for simpler projects you don’t need to spend much on expensive band saws that come with advanced features.

If you’re a professional worker, the simple tools aren’t for you; you have to look for band saws with advanced features.

Whichever type you choose, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, they also have their limitations. Understand your needs and then choose the right one that is designed to meet your needs.

Features To Look For In Any Band Saw

Since there are so many products in the market there is the need to look out for some important features before making a purchase.

We’ll make things easier for you by revealing the basic features which every handy band saw should possess.

Since we’ve talked about the types of band saws it’s now time to look at the features you should be looking for before investing in any band saw.

Cutting Depth

The depth of the cuts you need will determine the size of the band saw you choose. It is the distance between the upper blade guide and table surface. The typical band saw has cutting depth ranging from 6-36 inches.

Motor size

The motor is the heart of any power tool and must be considered before buying any band saw.

There is the need to choose a band saw with a motor that is powerful enough to cut the different materials you want to work with.

A less powerful motor working on hard materials will cause the blade to cease or damage the working pieces.

The motor shouldn’t only be powerful, it should also come with a cooling mechanism to avoid overheating. Band saws for industrial use or heavy duty jobs must have this feature.

The power of band saws depends on the strength of the motor they come with. The benchtop band saws come with a smaller motor while the cabinet model has a motor with higher cutting capacities.

A good band saw should have variable speed for increased accuracy and precision. Some materials require slower speed and if you can adjust to the speed you’ll get more accuracy than a device that runs with only one speed.


Considering throat capacity is also a must when buying any band saw. The cabinet band saws come with higher throat than the bench tops.

If you’re working on large projects you should consider buying the cabinet models because they’re more effective. It’s ideal for professional woodworkers that work with wider materials. For those DIYers or anyone that’s working on small projects, a small throat might be enough.

Band wheels

The motor power is transmitted through the blade with the help of the band wheels. You need wheels that are balanced and can minimize vibration so that you can track the blades accurately.

Band saws designed for small jobs have wheels made from cast alloys and are balanced by hand.

While bigger saws for industrial use have more balanced wheels that can stand on their own and still give the user the balance he needs. They’re mostly made from strong iron. These wheels offer more cutting performance and absorb most of the vibration released. They’re strong enough to resist the tension forces for larger blades.


A good band saw should come with a frame that’s made from folded and welded steel sheet.

This offers a more strong and rigid framework that will resist any stress that’s released by the blade tension. If the frame isn’t strong it will probably distort under high load.


When it comes to blades you should always choose a blade that can match the type of materials you’re working with.

In summary here is what you should know before choosing any blade:

  • Narrow blades are capable of making tight cuts better, but they’re not good when it comes to making straight cuts that are very long.
  • Wide blades can’t turn properly like the narrow blades; this means the wider blades are good at making straight lines that are long.
  • The blade tip will determine the speed at which you’ll cut through different materials such as stock, high TPI provides more smooth work finish, while low TPI cut through faster but will give you rough edges.
  • Steel blades don’t cost much and are good for cutting soft wood and will eventually dull faster when used on the hardwood.
  • Bimetal blades are more effective than the steel blades, they’re capable of cutting thin metal sheets, and they’re also made from steel but are more powerful, the steel used in these blades is more powerful than normal steel.
  • Carbide blades; these blades are more popular among professionals and are more expensive because they’re more effective. Carbide blades are sharper and are more durable than other blades types. Obtaining carbide blades is a must for industrial users because they can withstand working for longer hours without breakdown and they produce a smooth and fine work finish than other blades.

Blade Tension

Most band saw buyers don’t give attention to this feature, but it’s really important to consider blade tensioning properly before making any purchase especially if you’re working on complex and wider projects.

Blades with poor tension cannot produce uniform and straight line cuts. This is the spring that holds the blade, and it should be strong enough to withstand a force of up to 20000-psi or even 30000-psi for bigger projects.

The frame of the saw should also be strong enough to resist any force and shouldn’t break down under high pressure.

Blade Guides

Blade guide is important no matter what. Without a blade guide, it’s difficult for a band saw user to obtain accurate cuts. Blade guide helps to prevent the blades from twisting during operation.

You should choose a band saw that comes with effective blade guide that allows you to make precision cuts with ease.

The blade guide should be adjusted so that it’s closer to the blade and should make the barest contact with the blade.

If possible find a band saw that cast the blades shadow on your cut markings. This is so far the best type of blade guide you could ever get.


The table is also a very important feature because without the right table you won’t have comfort and stability when working with any band saw.

You need a strong and durable table that offers more stability and is very smooth to allow you to place working materials properly. It should have a flat surface and also absorb some of the vibration released.


The fence is important when it comes to making angle cuts.

If you want to get accurate cuts you should definitely choose a band saw with a rigid fence. You’ll obtain more accurate straight line cuts with ease.

Band saw that’s adjustable is better. The fence should be adjustable so that is aligned with the table.

Blade Width

All cuttings are done with the blade. If the blades are not powerful you can’t do your job properly.

If you’re doing scroll work, the narrower blades are the most used blades.

On the other hand, if you want to make re-saw you must look for wider blades that can make the cutting task easier. Wider blades work faster and they give more accurate cuts even on thick materials.

The point is whichever blade width you choose to work with, you should make sure that it can handle your working pieces smoothly.

The blades should have a good TPI ratio. Higher TPI means the blades will be slower but will provide more accurate cuts and this makes them a good option for scroll work.

While blades with low TPI are perfect for rip cuts because they make cuts quickly but they don’t give accurate results. They end up leaving marks on the work finish. In short high TPI blades give more clean work than the low TPI blades.

Depending on the type of cut you want to make you should choose your blades wisely. When you buy a band saw and you’re not satisfied with the blades you can consider replacing them with good ones that will meet your needs. Most professionals have this habit of replacing blades that come with a new band saw because most of the time they’re not effective enough to deal with hard materials.


You need a band saw that comes with lots of accessories so that you don’t end up spending more money buying these important accessories.

The extra features you should look for in band saws include rip fence and miter gauges. They’re beneficial when it comes to re-sawing, rip cuts and crosscutting. You need a band saw with a sturdy table that doesn’t allow the working material to slip. It should be strong and durable. You should choose the ones made of aluminum or iron steel.

Most of the modern band saws available come with basic features, but most of the time they come with other accessories that are useful to the user. These accessories differ with different products.

Once you determine your project needs you can then figure out the type of accessories you might need. You need to look at the important ones first before moving to others that are less useful.

You’ll find a lot of accessories when it comes to band saws to the extent that you’ll find most of them to be of no use to you.

If you’re new to band saws and you’re working on small projects there is no need to stress too much on accessories because most of them you won’t even know how to use them.

Even if the accessories you’re looking for aren’t included in the model you’re buying, you should make sure that the device accepts such accessory before you buy it.

Like I said a newbie don’t need those extravagant features, but as you improve your skills you can add any accessory you might need.

Accessories come with a lot of advantages. They help improve the versatility of the band saw and improve its performance. Some of the important accessories you will need include:

  • Height extensions; they’re useful when it comes to cutting thick stock; they help raise the saw guide and allow it to cut thicker materials.
  • Rip fence; this will help the user achieve straight line rip cuts.
  • Sanding loops are used for sanding rough surfaces.
  • Attachments for circle cuts.
  • Tilting tables, they’re useful when it comes to making bevel cuts.
  • Miter gauges, they also help in obtaining accurate angle cuts.
  • Height extenders; they’re important when you’re dealing with thick woods and other hard materials.

Why You Should Choose A Band Saw Over A Jigsaw?

Band saws and jigsaws are somewhat similar when it comes to performance.

One of the main difference between them is that jigsaws move up and down when cutting materials, while band saws work in a continuous loop.

Band saws are definitely considered to be better than jigsaws when it comes to performance.

A jigsaw produces a lot of vibration during operation which can interfere with the smoothness of your cut, while band saws give more accurate and smooth cuts than jigsaws and that’s why they’re better to work with than a jigsaw.

Bench Top Vs Floor Model Band Saws

As a rule of thumb, the bench top models are ideal for non-professional users, even though they can still be used by professionals when they’re dealing with simple projects and it’s difficult for them to transport the floor models.

The bench model is best for a newbie who is just starting out and are executing a few projects at home.

The bench top models are compact and portable. They can be used laterally on your table or any stand that can hold it. They provide easier movement which makes it ideal for contractors that deal with small projects such as plumbers.

For those that work in the woodwork industry and spend most of their time every day doing various cutting projects, the floor models are the best way to go. They come with advanced features you’ll ever need in a band saw. They’re more powerful and stable, they perform well when it comes to heavy rip sawing and can be used for decorative work that involves thick stock. They come with a powerful motor that doesn’t stick when using the device.

Since you know the basic features to look out in any band saw it is now easier for you to make a buying decision.

A band saw is a must have for any beginner or professional woodworker. It’s certainly the first tool every workshop owner should include in his or her workshop.

The first important thing to consider before buying saw is your project requirements. When you sort that out you can then select features that might help you achieve your desired results.

After getting all the features you want in a saw it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice before investing your money.

As a newbie, you should take advice from professional woodworkers so that they can help you to decide on the right band saw.

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

A good cutting saw is designed to offer optimum precision and high accuracy. Most people are used to other cutting saws, but adding a band saw in your toolbox is an upgrade because it can assist your projects in a number of ways. If you choose the right band saw it can take up most of the cutting task in the workshop. Most band saws come with their working table so that you can rest your working pieces.

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The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is one of the best band saws that are available in the market. This machine comes with good features that can take care of all your project requirements. In this Rikon 10-305 Band saw review we’ll see some of the features it has and why every workshop owner needs to add the tool in their toolbox.

Most people believe a good band saw only comes from companies that are well known in the power tools industry. There are a lot of companies out there that are not well known and still are able to produce one of the best band saws and other power tools; it’s just a matter of time before they get noticed. Rikon is one of those less popular brands and yet they’re able to produce high-quality tools. They’ve built many quality tools that are worthy of trying, and the Rikon 10-305 Band saw is one of those quality models they’ve built.

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is ideal for anyone who is looking for affordability and wants to get some of the basic features which a band saw should have. The Rikon band saw is a good versatile tool that comes with some powerful features which are enough to deal with different cuttings in the workshop. It’s not the perfect band saw in the market but it’s still worthy of working with this device.

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is designed to deal with medium-sized projects, so that’s why you shouldn’t expect much power or large cutting capacity from the tool. The tool isn’t good enough when compared to other band saws, but it’s also cheaper and has some considerable features that make it worth trying for.

One of the biggest advantages of using the tool is that it’s a very lightweight tool. The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is a compact and portable device that can be used by anyone who doesn’t want to use heavy duty saws. The tool is lighter than most tool within its category, the tool can be used in tight spaces and can be moved from one job site to another, this makes it a good option for contractors and it’s also easier to store and maintain. Depending on the job you want to do with it, the Rikon 10-305 Band saw is a flexible device that can be used in different ways.

The 10” bench top saw is safe to use and easier to maintain than other band saws. It comes with a tile cleaning brush which is very handy because it’s capable of collecting dust particles that come up on the wheels when using the device over some time. The toggle switch is designed to prevent switching the device unintentionally.

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw comes with a table made from iron-cast, this will give users a robust surface and it offers more stability. This is a good feature because users can use the device comfortably without worrying about the size of the material they’re working with. You can tilt the table at an angle of up to 45-degrees. Table size is larger than most other band saws, so this means there is more flexibility when working with the machine. You have enough space to spread your working materials.

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw comes with a rip fence that allows users to make bevel cuts comfortably. The rip fence is very strong and durable; you can use it for a long time without break down. A fence is a good option for those that love to work with free hand because they can remove the fence whenever they want.

Features Of Rikon 10-305 Band Saw

The Design

The good thing about the design is that it’s a compact tool, you won’t have mobility problems when working with this device, and it can be carried within your working space or to different job sites. The rip fence also is an added bonus because most brand saws don’t come with it, you need to buy it as an upgrade. The table is very wide so that you can enjoy smooth operation when working with the device.

It has a reliable frame and it’s sturdy; the frame doesn’t offer much stability because of its lightweight. You can, however, screw the base so that it can provide more stability. The table can be tilted at 45-degrees, which means you can make different angles and shapes without wrenches.


The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is perfect for cutting wooden materials only. You shouldn’t expect the tool to work well on metals or other hard materials. If you’re looking for versatility on other materials other than wood, then this Rikon 10-305 Band saw model isn’t for you. The device tends to struggle with hard materials.


As mentioned earlier on, you shouldn’t expect much from this device because it’s designed for beginner and medium use only. But since there are a lot of small jobs in the workshop or even at job sites where it is difficult to carry a heavy duty saw, this is where the Rikon 10-305 Band saw becomes handy. The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is a quiet device, you don’t need to worry about excess noise when working with the tool.


The Rikon 10-305 Band saw comes with 1/3HP motor, it’s powerful enough to cut any wooden material with ease and without experiencing any bogging, the tool can do a fine job on workpieces and can give you those curvy cuts you’ve always wanted to make.

Less Vibration

Since it’s a less heavy tool, vibration is at minimal. You can fully control and operate the device for long hours without getting tired or having any fatigue.

Easy To Use

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw isn’t really hard to operate, unlike other tools that are very complex to operate, this Rikon model is a simple and safe device that can be recommended to any professional woodworker. The spinning blades are sharp enough to cut materials with ease. The Rikon 10-305 Band saw can be operated without technical experience and it’s a good option for beginners who’re not used to band saws.


Power isn’t a feature this tool can boast about, its small capacity motor is still useful because it can cut any wooden material. Some users though suggest that it can still be used on metal sheets using the proper blades and also by setting the right speed.

Cutting Capabilities

The Rikon 10-305 Band saw has 10-inch diameter wheels and has a cutting capacity of 9-5/8×4-5/8 inches. This is enough to cut through thick and wide stock smoothly.

The Base

The base frame is made from iron steel and that means it’s a durable one that can work for long hours. The base is 21-inches long; it has a large dimension that provides more stability. The base also helps absorb more vibration when operating the device. The base helps users attain accurate cuts because more stability means more accuracy.

The Price

The price of this tool is what makes it unique from the rest. Despite been limited with advanced features, the tool is very affordable for anyone that’s looking for simplicity. It’s cheap because it doesn’t come with those extravagant features that a newbie hardly use. That’s why the price of the Rikon 10-305 Band saw is reasonable and anyone could almost afford it right away.

The Pros

  • The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is a very durable saw. User reviews show that the tool can perform a number of jobs in the workshop.
  • It’s a compact device; you can get high performance from this small unit and can be used in tight spaces.
  • The Rikon 10-305 Band saw is efficient and convenient to use.
  • Rikon 10-305 Band saw is well balanced and it offers more stability to the user.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use, it is more comfortable to use than other bulky tools.
  • It’s simple to set up and operate.


  • Some users consider the device to be a little taller with respect to the bench; they have to make some adjustments so that the device can fit well.
  • The Rikon 10-305 Band saw doesn’t come with LED lightning guide. This means it’s difficult to use the tool in dim environments.
  • The Rikon 10-305 Band saw can’t handle complex projects.

Who Should Buy The Rikon 10-305 Band Saw?

You just need to figure out what you need from a band saw and if its features fascinate you and it has exactly what you’re looking for, then go ahead and buy it. But overall this tool is perfect for woodworkers.

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Delta 28-400 Band Saw Review

Delta has been around for decades helping woodworkers with efficient tools for carrying out their daily cutting activities in the workshop, they built innovations that make the creation of masterpieces easier.

Delta specializes in creating powerful tools for beginner level and advanced use. If you take a look at most of the saws available in the market you know that they’re much similar to each other.

Before choosing any band saw you should check out some major features first before you invest your money in any particular tool.

The sad news is that most people end up buying the first band saw that comes into their way without conducting proper research on the tool or even figuring out what they need and then find the tool that can take of their needs, most people won’t even do that.

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The aim of this Delta 28-400 Band Saw review is to provide with all the features and information that comes with the Delta 28-400 model and whether you should invest in it or not. Instead of spending countless of hours online searching for the features and its benefits, this Delta 28-400 Band Saw review will bring you closer to the tool and show you what it can do for you in the workshop or at any project site. If you’re definitely looking for a high-quality band saw with enough features to meet your cutting needs then you should give attention to the details below so that you can fully understand all the specs of this device.

If you’re looking for a reliable and a stable band saw, the Delta 28-400 Band Saw is a highly recommended option. The tool can be used by both DIYers and professionals from different fields. It has enough power to cut any wood and metal with ease. The Delta 28-400 Band Saw comes with variable speed controls, you can choose lower and higher speeds. This feature is important so as to allow you to cut different materials that require different speed. When you’re working with non-ferrous metals you should consider using the lower speed.

The Delta 28-400 Band Saw offer great features just like other heavy duty saws. It has all the good features that your project demands, the tool doesn’t cost much when compared to heavy-duty saws, almost anyone can afford this tool. Whether you’re a new woodworker or a professional user you can definitely afford it. Cutting any wood type is like cutting butter. You’ll get a fine and smooth finish without any error. It comes with a large table that can handle large workpieces without any complications or difficulty. Tuning the saw is really simple and is with the lower wheel adjustments. The Delta 28-400 Band Saw consumes more space than other compact saws, this necessary so that the tool can take care of professional jobs.

The Delta 28-400 Band Saw comes with a heavy duty frame made from steel, the device also comes with large aluminum table support. This is a tool with bigger dimensions, before buying the tool you want to make sure that you’re not using it in tight spaces. The heaviness that comes with the device is necessary so as to ensure that there is no any wobbling when working with the tool, it also offers more stability, and the table is made from an iron cast. The large table gives you the flexibility to move your working materials around the table; this helps you get even more accurate cuts from your workpiece. The table can be tilted for up to 45-degrees, this means you can use it to make perfect bevel cuts. The Delta 28-400 Band saw comes with positive stops that will help you find the right angle fast.

This machine is powerful enough to cut through non-ferrous metals or hardwood with ease, it has a 1-HP motor which is enough to deal with most of the materials any woodworker is handling in the workshop. It comes with 2-speed options. The speed might not be seen as great for most people, but you need to understand that faster band saws are capable of cutting only wooden materials while the low-speed ones are designed to cut through metals. Just because a saw has faster blades it doesn’t mean it can cut everything. The speed of the motor that comes with the Delta 28-400 Band Saw is enough to handle most of the projects you’re working on in the workshop.

Features Of Delta 28-400 Band Saw


The design is good because it offers more comfort to the user; it’s a very stable and sturdy device that offers a clean and smooth work finish. The base is well designed and is made from steel and doesn’t wobble like other band saws. The base might look thin but that doesn’t mean it’s not stable. There are 2-speed controls with a pulley which has an easy tensioning system and will be useful when you have blade problems.

With all its great design features we can’t say it has a flawless design, there are some few things that are missing from this great design, there is no fence and miter gauge. This is a downside to most people who want to make angle cuts and other peculiar shapes. You can, however, tilt the table at 3-degrees left and 45-degrees right and has a positive stop at 90 degrees. The table is large enough to accommodate larger pieces, you might not be able to cut in bulk, but this is dependent on the types of materials you’re cutting.


Even though most people believe the tool is good for cutting wooden materials only, that’s however not true because it can cut various metals. You just need to make sure that you find the right blades that can cut metal sheets. You might still experience lesser performance when working with metal sheets, the efficiency of the device when working with metal sheets depends on the thickness and density of the metal. If your projects demand to cut of metal sheets you should get another model that’s designed specifically for cutting metals.

Dust Removal

The Delta 28-400 Band Saw is a great piece when it comes to dust collection. All the components of this device are fit together and are made with the finest materials. This tool is capable of collecting dust particles released; you don’t have to worry about flying dust and visibility issues when working with the device. You’ll enjoy working with it in a clean and neat working space. With the small holes it has, the Delta 28-400 Band Saw can collect ninety percent of the dust generated when working with the saw and it also has a convenient power switch.

Silent Device

The noise level is at minimal when working with this machine. Less noise means less distraction and annoyance. If you’re on teamwork you can communicate with your work colleagues without shouting loud. Excess noise from power tools can be harmful to us and this tool simplifies things for you.


The blades come with precision ball bearing roller guide. They’re placed below and above the table surface. You can set them easily and are easier to adjust. It might take some time before you get used to it. The blade wheels are made from aluminum and attached with rubber so that they can remain tight with the blade, the wheels can be adjusted to allow users to obtain accurate cuts. Most wheels from other brands are made with iron cast and some might think these aluminum wheels are not strong enough to offer stability. Aluminum wheels can do the same job as iron-cast wheels.

General Performance

The overall performance of Delta 28-400 Band Saw is good. You can rely on the machine to cut curves, delicate pieces, and lumber. When using the tool to cut lumber, it can only hold up to 6” tall. Anything that’s lengthier than this might face problems with this device; this is one of the downsides of this tool.

The Pros

  • It’s a very stable device.
  • The cost-power ration is good.
  • The motor is powerful enough to cut through different materials with ease.
  • It is flexible.
  • Low noise.


  • The blades rattle sometimes and this can be annoying.
  • It doesn’t come with a fence
  • It considered expensive by some users.


You have already seen some of the features that come with the Delta 28-400 Band saw, this is not a flawless machine. It comes with some few downsides such as an absence of a fence that will allow you to make bevel angle cuts, if they’re not a big deal for you then the Delta 28-400 Band Saw is a good option. This saw can make a big difference in your workshop or in the construction site. I agree that it might not be for everyone, it’s good for people that are dealing with small projects more especially DIYers, and they can rely on this machine because it has enough power that can cater their cutting needs. Instead of buying bulky saws that are expensive and you might not need most of the features that come with these heavy-duty saws, why not spend less and buy a simple tool that can do the same job. The Delta 28-400 Band saw also comes with a warranty of 180 days.

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WEN 3970 Band Saw Review

If you’re a woodworking hobbyist, at some point you’ll certainly want to make curved cuttings in your projects. Some construction workers and carpenters might want to use a jigsaw, but as a workshop owner if you want to get smooth finish the best tool you’ll like to work with is the band saw. A good band saw has one single looping blade which is strung around the wheels of the machine. The blades are held tightly by guiding blocks on both sides of the blade.

There is no better tool that cut curves better than a band saw. Using a band saw is easy, you should place your workpiece on the table, you can then maneuver your workpiece using the table, you then rotate the material to so that you can cut through the curved lines. A band saw isn’t only limited to cutting curves it is also capable of making straight line cuts, it can serve a lot of purposes in the workshop.

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If you want to rip some wood logs or cut round turning blanks you’ll definitely need a band saw. Band saws are designed to make your cutting tasks much easier than when using other cutting devices. Band saws are of two types; the 2 wheel type and the 3 wheel type, each of them has its own characteristics and specifications. There are some important things to look out for in any band saw before picking one in the shop.

There are dozens of products available and you might get confused when choosing the right band saw. Every manufacturer is claiming to have the best product, but you shouldn’t fall for their marketing hypes. Before buying any band saw you need check some info that comes with each device before you make a purchase. Let’s look at some of the things you need to check before buying any band saw.

The size

Size is very important because you might be the type that wants a compact tool that can be moved around easily or want to use it in tight spaces. You should, however, know that most of the smaller ones aren’t as powerful as the bigger ones.

Check Cutting depth

You should know the types of materials you want to cut and find a saw that is capable of cutting your materials. You’ll find most band saws with cutting range from 6”- 36”.


You should find a band saw that comes with lots of free accessories such as meter gauge and fence. Most manufacturers sold this separately, these accessories are helpful because they’ll help a lot when ripping or crosscutting your workpieces.

Dust port

You want to make sure that you’re working in a dust free environment and can also view clearly your cutting lines. A band saw that comes with dust port or dust blower can clear particles out of your cutting lines so that you can obtain accurate cuts.

Wheels and brushes

A band saw with wheels and brushes is more effective and efficient, can also save you a lot of time.

Additional Features

Find a band saw with sensitive brakes that can stop the machine when you pull the stop trigger and will also help you adjust blade tension.

WEN 3970 Band Saw Review

Have you ever cut 4-1/2 inch metal pipes? This WEN 3970 Band Saw is capable of cutting hard metals with ease. You can cut most metals like steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. It is capable of cutting pipes that are up to 4-1/22” in diameter, you can also deal with wider materials that are up to 4”x6”. It comes with variable speed controls; it has 3-speed positions at 80-120-200 per minute. You can make the perfect cut by choosing the right speed that suits your material. The WEN 3970 Band Saw comes with a strong stand that will elevate the device and make it easier to move from one place to another with ease. You can make bevel cuts ranging from 0-degrees to 60-degrees.

You can cut 3-1/2” at 45-degrees and can deal with square materials that are up to 3-1/2×3-1/2 inches. For those who’re not big fans of making horizontal cuts, the saw can be lifted in a vertical position. The WEN 3970 Band Saw is capable of operating under different speed, this means it is a well versatile tool and it’s one of the good selling points of the device. Most band saws come with only one speed making it difficult to cut some materials that require low speed, but with this tool, you can choose up to 3 different speeds.

Features Of WEN 3970 Band Saw


The strength of the motor is good enough to be used in various applications in the workshop. The WEN 3970 Band Saw comes with a 4.6-amp motor that is powerful enough to cut through hard metals like steel, aluminum, and brass with much ease.

The Design

The WEN 3970 Band Saw has a conventional design; if you’re not comfortable with working in the horizontal mode you can turn the unit vertically within only a few seconds. This feature might not be worthy of mentioning to some but it’s a good feature that can be used by many people that hate to work in a horizontal position.

The device also comes with wheels in the purchase package; this gives users more portability when working with the machine. The wheels might not be perfect but they are very strong and durable. The stand is thin but it’s stable, some users questioned the quality of this stand but in all cases, it is a very good deal with.


As mentioned earlier the WEN 3970 Band Saw is strong enough to cut through different metals like steel, brass, copper and other. You should, however, make sure to adjust to the right speed for each material you’re working on. Speed adjusting is a good feature of this tool; with this, you can cut thick materials of different densities.

Why You Should Buy WEN 3970 Band Saw

The WEN 3970 Band Saw is a well versatile tool and a lot of people are satisfied with its versatility because of its ability to cut a wide range of materials with an ease that includes all the common metals we’re working with every day. It has an effective design that makes the device easier to set up and operate.

The wheels and stand it comes with offers more stability to the user, this isn’t something new but it makes the device more portable which most users love. You can move the tool around with ease, if you’re the type that moves to places then this tool isn’t difficult to move along with.

The Pros Of Using WEN 3970 Band Saw

  • The saw automatically stops immediately after finishing your cut; this automatic off feature is really helpful because it prevents unexpected accidents.
  • The WEN 3970 Band Saw can be used either horizontally or vertically.
  • It comes with variable speed controls.
  • It has a good bevel range; you can make angle cuts from 0-degrees to 60-degrees.
  • It comes with a firm stand and wheels that gives more stability to the user.
  • There is a 2-year warranty

The Cons Of WEN 3970 Band Saw

  • The WEN 3970 Band Saw isn’t designed to deal with complex jobs; that is why it doesn’t have those extravagant features that come with other expensive devices. If you’re dealing with big projects this tool might not be your option, it’s mainly designed for beginners and DIYers’, generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect miraculous performance from this tool.
  • Adjusting the blades can be troublesome more especially if you’re new to using band saws. Even after reading the user manual it’s still going to be difficult for a newbie to get used to the blades. In order to know how to use the blades better, you should watch videos or call their support center.

Customer Reviews

The WEN 3970 Band Saw has received a lot of comments from users. Most DIYers are amazed at its features more especially when it comes to efficiency and simplicity, but most professionals are not impressed with its performance. The unit, of course, isn’t designed for professional use, it is ideal for beginners and DIYers that are not looking for something big. It is for anyone who is looking for simplicity and some quality features, and most important at an affordable rate. That’s exactly what the WEN 3970 Band Saw offers. Despite not recommended for professional use it can still handle a lot of projects whether at home or in the workshop.


For anyone who doesn’t want to spend much and has projects coming in their way, the WEN 3970 Band Saw is very affordable and has some great features that will take care of their needs. If you, however, need a band saw for professional use then you should go for bigger band saws with advanced features. Buying the WEN 3970 Band Saw isn’t a bad investment because it has good money to value ration. You just need to figure out your needs and then choose a better saw that can take care of all your cutting needs.

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SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw Review

A good band saw comes with endless benefits, the band is made from steel, and it has an edge that goes over the wheels which are running the machine. Band saws are easy to use but at the same time are very dangerous. They need to be handled properly whenever you’re using them.

The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is a portable device that’s suitable for DIYers or any beginner woodworker. The device comes with a 6-TPI blade which is capable of cutting different kinds of materials. It can cut any curved or irregular shapes, and lumber into thin pieces. The tool also comes with 2.5 amps motor and LED guide light for more accuracy.

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The LED light helps a lot of people when it comes following cut lines. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw model is capable of cutting 3-1/2 inches wood and can cut any plank smoothly. It can also cut through 1-1/2×6 inches hard ironwood. You can use the tool to cut small stock also.

The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is so far one of the best portable band saws available in the market.

For decades, Skil has already established themselves in the power tools industry, they’re well known for building remarkable and high-quality products. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw isn’t their best saw, they have a lot of other tools that are more powerful than this one, but it does come with some great features and also deliver accurate cuts when the need arises. The motor isn’t very strong when compared to other devices within its category, it is still capable of dealing with the demanding projects you might have.

This SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw isn’t a complex device; it is one of the simplest band saws that are available in the market. You don’t require any prior experience to operate the device; this makes it the perfect tool for a newbie. All the features it comes with are straight forward easy to get used to. With its small size and dimensions, the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw model can fit any table.

This 9-inch saw can be used by novice woodworker; it has all the features to rip lumber and can make different shapes. Despite the low speed of the motor it can still be used on hardwood and metal-based materials. The tool will perform well when used on wooden materials. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw has 1-1/2” dust port that will help clear your working area and improve visibility while working with the device. It has powerful LED lights that will reveal your cutting lines and working material so that you can avoid errors. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw offers the ability to make a wide range of cuts, you can make complicated shapes or lines, straight cuts and cross cuts using the miter gauge, it’s a good option for amateur woodworkers.

Features Of SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw

The Design

The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw has a good compact design, it’s a sturdy and reliable tool that can be used with ease and can be carried along to any job site since it’s one of the smallest band saws available in the market. If you’re looking for portability you can rely on this device. It comes with a tilting work table, it’s not very large as in other devices, but one can use it to cut specific angles.

The LED guide it comes with isn’t an impressive feature to most people but you can adjust it in the sense that it’s suitable for you and can obtain high precision cuts. Users can use the LED light guide to their advantage, most people don’t have an idea on how LED light work in most tools, that’s why most LED light guides aren’t appreciated by most customers.

The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw has a dust port which can be connected with vac so as to collect the sawdust or debris that has been generated. The dust port when combined with a vac is very effective when it comes to collecting dust, this unit collects more dust far better than other big band saws available.


Because its motor isn’t very strong when compared to other devices, most people believe this device isn’t capable of cutting metals or hard materials; they believe it can only cut wooden materials. Not only hardwood, but the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is also capable of cutting different kinds of metals, it has enough power to cut both wood and metal. It has a good rip fence that is well designed and ensures that you get straight and accurate results. With the right blades, you can cut glass materials without facing any problem, it’s not recommended but if you have to cut glass you must be careful because the machine has only one speed which is not adjustable if care is not taken you will shatter the glass.


The power of the motor isn’t much but it’s enough for a newbie to sufficiently cut through materials that are of low density very fast and easy. Not only that you can also cut through soft metals such as brass, aluminum or even copper without any stalling, the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw can relatively cut thick stock.

Cutting Capacity

The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is capable of cutting up to 3-5/8 inches, and this is good enough for any beginner saw within the beginner level. Changing the blades also isn’t a difficult process; it can be done easily by unhooking the blades from the tension knob which is at the top. The throat has a cutting depth of up to 9-inches; this is enough to handle medium size material without any difficulty.

The Base

The base of this SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is very strong and it’s one of its powerful features. It’s made from a heavy iron cast in order to offer more stability to users and at the same time lower the center of gravity. And also most of the components are made from a metal alloy which is very durable and lightweight.

Its strong base and lightweight features give the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw more stability, the tool hardly fall easily and you don’t need to affix the tool to the workbench, the bench is large enough to allow users comfortably do their job.


Users can tilt the table from 0 to 45-degrees to the right direction in order to give more cutting versatility; most standard saws are built this way. The table is made with iron-cast, that’s why it’s able to absorb most of the vibrations. The surface is well leveled and perfectly polished. There is also a rip fence made with metal, this helps the user when making straight and accurate cuts than he would if using his hands only. The metal fence is adjustable and can be locked with the knob.

Comes With Lots Of Accessories

In your package, you’ll find a miter gauge, 1x blade, a retractable light, and metal rip fence. Inside the box, you’ll find anything that’s needed to set and operate the device. You don’t necessarily need to buy extra tools to start using the device. As for other tools you have to purchase extra accessories in order to start using their device fully. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is a very friendly and handy tool to work with and if you really know how to operate the device you’ll definitely appreciate it’s features


Since it’s a lightweight device you shouldn’t expect the tool to be expensive, some of the exclusive features that come with this device aren’t available in order brands and they’re far more expensive than the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw. This tool has good money and value ration. The tool has been praised by many due to its affordability and has earned a lot of positive feedbacks and ratings from users.

The Pros

  • It’s really easy to set up the device, it’s also easier to maintain.
  • The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is very affordable, making it a great tool for any newbie that’s on a tight budget.
  • It can cut wooden materials very fast.
  • It has a rip fence to help users get precise and accurate cuts.
  • It comes with LED to give you more visibility on cutting lines and also illuminate your working space.
  • It has a good dust port that’s capable of collecting sawdust released.


  • The motor of this SKIL 3386-01 Band saw isn’t powerful enough to deal with tough projects.
  • It doesn’t have variable speed control, it only has one speed. When dealing with soft materials that require low speed, you might end up damaging the material.


This is a decent saw for beginners, the tool isn’t meant to deal with bigger projects and that’s why its performance didn’t impress most professionals. But for any newbie, the good features it comes with are enough to meet their needs. SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw isn’t a bad tool and not only a newbie, but even professional woodworkers can also use the tool to their advantage. It’s not everywhere you can carry the traditional bulky saw, sometimes even professionals have some minor tasks to deal with and they can use the SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw execute such tasks easily.

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WEN 3962 Band Saw Review

Every woodworker needs a band saw; it’s an essential tool that every handyman should include in their toolbox. But you just can’t jump into any band saw you come across, you have to decide well and choose the right device that will fit your working needs. You should know the best brands to work with and compare prices if necessary.

In this review we shall take a look at the WEN 3962 Band Saw review to see some of its features and whether it’s worth buying or not.

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WEN is a new manufacturer when it comes to power tools and they’re becoming popular every day. They have the philosophy of building strong power tools and then selling them at a cheaper price than the normal market price, that’s what consumers are looking in any power tool.

They want a powerful tool with great features and at the same time very affordable, and that’s exactly what the WEN Company specializes in. They’ll look at power tools from other brands; they make better ones and then sell them at a cheaper rate.

Despite been a new company, they’ve grown rapidly fast within a short time. They’re one of the leading manufacturers that build the best power tools for everyone.

Band saws are different from other woodworking tools, they are all beast but there is a distinction between them. When it comes to woodworking tools, one of the most important aspects is power, not only that getting precise cuts is even more important and is valued by most woodworkers. Any professional woodworker will prefer a less powerful tool but a more precise tool than a tool with more power but drift most of the time. You want a band saw that produces a clean finish to whichever material it is being used on.

The WEN Company has done its best when building the WEN 3962 Band Saw; it’s an exceptional band saw with awesome features that will attract anyone that’s looking for an effective band saw. The tool isn’t much powerful but when it comes to precision, it’s not easy to find another tool within its category that does the same. The WEN 3962 Band Saw is powered by 3.5-amps motor and the blades make a stroke of up 2600 strokes per minute, which is quite enough to allow you to cut any material smoothly. The saw is less powerful but is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy.

As we all know there are a lot of benefits for using a power tool that comes with its own stand, it plays a role in the workshop by allowing you to work faster and easier without the need to move your working materials first. The WEN 3962 Band Saw comes with 4 stands/legs and the band saw can be mounted on the stand, there is also a 14-1/8×12-1/2 – inch table that’s capable of making bevels at 45-degrees, you can also make more accurate angles using this amazing tool. The WEN 3962 Band Saw comes with a sleek design, it’s black in color and when you look at the entire tool you know that you have bought yourself a tough and quality tool. The tool can take 72-inch blades which are power by the 3.5-amp motor. Even though the tool isn’t really powerful, but the power that comes with the WEN model is good enough to deal with tough wooden materials. The tool can cut depth of up to 6” and 9-3/4” wide. It has two-speed controls; 1520 and 2620 strokes per minute.

The WEN 3962 Band Saw model comes with 2-year warranty and the customer care service is exceptional, you will get any technical support you might when using the device. The two blade speeds controls allow you to work on different materials, not all material require the same speed, some cutting requires slow speeds while others need the blades to move faster. This means you can adjust the blades to suit the type cuttings you want to make. The WEN 3962 Band Saw is capable of dealing with boards that up to 6” thick. This is something that most other 10” band saw can’t deal with. This band saw can cut different materials but you can’t use the device to cut ferrous metals, they have already given a warning in the user manual.

Just like any other tool, the WEN 3962 Band Saw has some flaws in it; lighting location isn’t good but can be moved a little bit if you want. The plastic knob doesn’t have markings; you have to be careful when using it. Other than that I’ll say this band saw is worth the price when it comes to durability and functionality. The tool also only comes with two-speed options, unlike other brands where you could have more than five options. Most devices come with flexible and adjustable speed controls, but the WEN 3962 Band Saw comes with only two, this is certainly a drawback to the tool.

This saw is designed for medium use, if you, however, work on bigger projects and can afford more expensive tools with advanced features you should consider doing that. But the WEN 3962 Band Saw is still useful; you can execute a lot of tasks in the workshop instead of picking those bulky tools.

Features Of WEN 3962 Band Saw


The design of this awesome tool is very friendly when it comes to handling the device, the materials attached to the device are sturdy and reliable. Most of the components are made from aluminum and steel, other metals are also included. Since the device is made with strong metals you should expect durability and high performance without breakdown. The WEN 3962 Band Saw also offers more stability because of the stand it comes with, you’ll get a smooth finish without any wobbling.

The large table that comes with your package will be helpful when dealing with bigger wood pieces. It allows you to cut large wooden materials within a short time. The motor operates at only 2-speed controls, using the right blades you can cut some hard metals, but it’s not recommended in the user manual, you have to be careful as not to destroy the device.

LED Light

The tool also comes with LED light which might be helpful when making precision cuts. A lot of people have complained that this feature isn’t really effective. But it can still be useful when working in dim environments because it can illuminate your working area.

Dust Port

There is a dust port that can collect the particles generated when using the device. This feature too isn’t liked much by some users. But if you want to make this feature effective you should attach a vacuum to it and you’ll definitely see some results.

Safe To Use

The WEN 3962 Band Saw won’t give a kickback when using the device. This saw offers more stability to users allowing you to fully control the device, you can make accurate cuts without scattering the material you are working on, and you’ll be able to finish your tasks safely without any damage.

Very Affordable

You definitely want a great tool that doesn’t cost much. This WEN 3962 Band Saw has good money and value ration. The price is good, though some people see it as expensive, it is worth it in the end, it’s a great tool to start with if you want to make the in-depth cutting.

Stable Stand

The stand of this tool is a good one, weighing about 73 pounds, this gives a solid and a firm foundation for your work so that you can experience more stability and have better control on the working material. Your safety is assured because it’s difficult for the blades to slip.

Good Cutting Capacity

The WEN 3962 Band Saw can cut large and thick materials with ease, within its category it offers one of the best cutting range. The two-speed options available are powerful enough to deal with hardwood materials and other pieces.


The WEN 3962 Band Saw can be used by different professionals in various applications such as; timber cutting, steel mills, and general construction. It can also be used in roofing, conduit and pallet racking. Since it’s a heavy tool it offers more stability when working with the device.

The Pros

  • It has a cutting depth of 6-inches. The tool can be used to cut through most wood pieces.
  • The two-speed controls are good enough to handle most of your cutting tasks
  • The WEN 3962 Band Saw give more precision cuts than most other tools in the market.


  • The motor isn’t very powerful.
  • The speed isn’t much.
  • The adjustment controls aren’t sensitive and aren’t made with standard settings.


If we keep aside some of its minor drawbacks, we can see that this WEN 3962 Band Saw model can be useful in the workshop. It has received a lot of positive reviews due to its versatility and all-round concept of design. Some users suggest that this tool is good for wood projects only. The WEN 3962 Band Saw is a great tool and will be enjoyed by woodworkers or carpenters.

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If you want to know which are the best Band Saws in business, read the article 5 Best Band Saws – Band Saw Buying Guide.

Bosch BSH180B Band Saw Review

Professional workers from various fields know the importance of a band saw, that’s why you hardly find them without a band saw in their toolbox. Apart from helping you to finish your task fast, it also performs tasks better than any other cutting tool. A band saw is ideal for woodwork, metalwork and other lumbering tasks.

There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to band saws, you may get confused when deciding to buy the right tool. In this review guide we’ll look at what band saws are, their types and uses, and also review the Bosch BSH180B Band Saw and some of its feature, and why every handyman should pick the tool for their project needs.

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What’s A Band Saw?

The band saw is normally designed with a sharp and long blade, it comes with a continuous band that’s made from toothed metal and is placed between the wheels so that it’s capable of cutting different materials. As a professional woodworker having the normal cutting saw isn’t enough, if you realize how useful a band saw can be, you’ll definitely consider adding this valuable tool in your toolbox. A band saw has a lot of advantages over other cutting saws. It helps you achieve uniform cutting because of its tooth that is evenly distributed. It also has the power to cut irregular and curved shapes.

When it comes to woodwork you hardly find a better tool that can cut through curves than a band saw. The band saw doesn’t only specialize in cutting curves, it also special in tenon cuttings and smaller rabbets, you can use a band saw to rip small stock pieces. You can see some the benefits of a band saw, but with a lot of options in the market how do you know the one that’s right for you?

Types Of Band Saws

Basically, there are 2 types of band saws; the floor standing-cabinet models and the dedicated-stand band saws. The dedicated stands are usually very short than the cabinet models. The cabinet model is for professionals that work casually with band saws while the dedicated stand is ideal for personal and home use. The cabinet models are equipped with more features and have a powerful motor; they also have a stronger frame that offers consistent cutting. The dedicated stand also has a lot of great features, but its features are no match for the cabinet band saw.

Features Of Band Saws

Whenever you want to buy a band saw you need to consider 2 things; the throat and depth of cut. The depth of cut is measured from the table to upper blade guide. A lot of band saws are marketer on this feature because it shows the potential buyer the thickness of the stock it can handle. Some band saws come with 6” depth of cut, but the unit can still be raised with optional raiser to increase the depth from 6”-12”. Even less expensive band saws can be adjusted to cut thick stock more especially when re-sawing.

On the other hand, the throat is the distance from the saws’ blade to the vertical frame section of the saws’ body. The throat determines cutting width that can be completed with the band saw. When a band saw is advertised as “18 inch –band saw”, that refers to the throat measurement, most manufacturers that’s what they’re referring to.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Band Saw

Size of Motor

One of the most important things to consider before buying any band saw is its motor, typical home level comes with ¾-1 horsepower motor. While those professionals that use the saw for commercial use should go for bigger motors that are more efficient to handle their projects. For woodworkers, you can use the small band saw but you need bigger blades to deal with hard plastics and metal cutting.

The band motor you choose should come with cast iron, aluminum alloy or steel table that capable of tilting the material up 45 degrees when making angle cuts. The normal table should be 16” in length and width; it should also be incorporated with miter track. Find a band wheel that comes with tires and also some brushes so that you can clean the wheels when necessary. Another useful feature to look for is the dust collection port, this is beneficial when adding shop vac to collect all the dust that has been generated.

There are 2 important things you should add to your band saw, they’re optional though, so it’s not necessary to include them if you want. Some manufacturers already include these 2 things in the package while most don’t. These are the miter gauge and fence. These 2 accessories will improve your performance in cross-cutting, re-sawing and ripping.

How To Use A Band Saw


Before you start using any band saw you make sure that you wear your safety gloves, goggles or any other safety gear that’s applicable. This is not only for band saws; this also applies to every power tool.

Understand Your Machine

Band saws come with a different speed which depends on the power of the motor that drives the machine, if the speed control is only one, that’s not a problem. You can find the power switch mostly on the left side of the machine, while the speed control and transmission lever are situated at the back of the band saw. The front of the tilt table allows you to move the materials you are working on with ease. The air blower blows airborne particles away from you.

Setting The Speed

Depending on the material you’re cutting, you should adjust the speed accordingly. When working on soft materials such as wood, you can set the speed to be high. But when working on hard materials more especially metals or aluminum you should set the speed low. Once you power on the machine, it’s going to take a few seconds before it moves at normal speed.

Start Working

Once the device is ready you can then place the material you want to cut on the machine. And also before you even power on the device you should first check the blade teeth side you’re facing, that’s where you should view the material from. If you’re placing the cutting material with your hands ensure that your hands are not near the blade.

Bosch BSH180B Band Saw Review

We’ve now seen what band saws are, their types and how they can be operated. Now let’s take a look at one of the best band saws in the market and look some of the good features that make it stand among the best band saw. This device is none other than the Bosch BSH180B Band Saw.

The all new Bosch BSH180B Band Saw is an 18 volts cordless band saw, it a very lightweight device. The device is almost 60% lighter than other band saws; it’s a very handy and compact device. It has the capacity to cut through 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches. This Bosch model can cut most of the materials used by electricians, contractors, and plumbers. The tool has flexible power that allows you to choose either a slim pack or fat pack battery. It also has with it LED light that will guide you along you cutting lines; you can use this feature even on dark materials that are difficult to see marks.

This Bosch BSH180B Band Saw comes with the 18V battery pack. The batteries last for hours before been exhausted, it can make about 150 cuts from a single charge. The Bosch BSH180B Band Saw is a perfect lightweight band saw weighing only 7.7 pounds together with the fatback batteries; this is an unbelievable weight for a power tool. This makes the device very handy and used by most professionals such as electricians that move daily from one job site to another. Just because it’s small it doesn’t mean it cannot handle tough jobs, it has rugged aluminum base which durable and enough take care of tough tasks like other bulky saws. The Bosch BSH180B Band Saw can cut through 2-1/2 inches in one single pass, the aluminum base it has offers more durability.

Features Bosch BSH180B Band Saw

  • The tool is best used for overhead and when working with tight spaces.
  • Can cut almost any material that is used in plumbing, electrical and mechanical jobs.
  • The Bosch BSH180B Band Saw is a very portable device, weighing only 7.7 pounds.
  • It’s a cordless device.
  • It has a cutting capacity of 2-1/2 inches.
  • It comes with LED guiding light; it casts light on your cutting lines to help you make accurate cuts.
  • It comes with a rugged aluminum base; this makes the device to withstand tough jobs.

Uses Of The Bosch BSH180B Band Saw

You can use this powerful tool to cut different materials such as electrical cable, metal, framing materials, copper pipes and a lot more other materials that are used in interior and office design. The Bosch BSH180B Band Saw can be used in most construction sites to take care of most of the cutting jobs that are involved.

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If you want to know which are the best Band Saws in business, read the article 5 Best Band Saws – Band Saw Buying Guide.