Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

A good cutting saw is designed to offer optimum precision and high accuracy. Most people are used to other cutting saws, but adding a band saw in your toolbox is an upgrade because it can assist your projects in a number of ways. If you choose the right band saw it can take up most of the cutting[…]

Delta 28-400 Band Saw Review

Delta has been around for decades helping woodworkers with efficient tools for carrying out their daily cutting activities in the workshop, they built innovations that make creation of masterpieces easier. Delta specializes in creating power tools for beginner level and advance use. If you take a look at most of the saws available in the market you know[…]

WEN 3970 Band Saw Review

If you’re a woodworking hobbyist, at some point you’ll certainly want to make curved cuttings in your projects. Some construction workers and carpenters might want to use a jigsaw, but as a workshop owner if you want to get smooth finish the best tool you’ll like to work with is the band saw. A good band saw has[…]

SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw Review

A good band saw comes with endless benefits, the band is made from steel, and it has an edge that goes over the wheels which are running the machine. Band saws are easy to use but at the same time are very dangerous. They need to be handled properly whenever you’re using them. The SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw[…]

WEN 3962 Band Saw Review

Every woodworker needs a band saw; it’s an essential tool that every handy man should include in their toolbox. But you just can’t jump into any band saw you come across, you have to decide well and choose the right device that will fit your working needs. You should know the best brands to work with and compare[…]

Bosch BSH180B Band Saw Review

Professional workers from various fields know the importance of a band saw, that’s why you hardly find them without a band saw in their toolbox. A part from helping you to finish your task fast, it also performs tasks better than any other cutting tool. A band saw is ideal for woodwork, metalwork and other lumbering task. There[…]